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If you know Leah Kirsch you know she bleeds creativity – which makes it no surprise that she’s taken her talents beyond clothing and has added one-of-a-kind artwork to her ever-expanding list of offerings. Coming at it with a total mixed media approach, her style shows up through her street art influence and effortless, edgy feel. In true Leah fashion she can’t be limited to just one medium, so almost always you’ll find her pieces adorned with her signature handwritten messages meant to move you or make you think. Whether it’s a small piece of art, a custom surf board, or a commercial floor-to-ceiling mural – with paint running from her bold handwriting and a shiny coat of resin, LK ART is literally dripping with cool. 
Leah takes on a select amount of commission work at a time. Please inquire here to learn more.
Leah Kirsch is a brand for the bold. 
Leah Kirsch founded her namesake brand out of her apartment in the Bronx in 2013 with a lot of hustle and a little help from her friends. What started as a side project while studying finance at Fordham University quickly took on a life of its own. Rooted in a passion for inclusivity, individuality, & empowering women to feel confident, the brand bleeds authenticity from the clothing through the content. Created by real people, connected by raw stories — and a zero-tolerance policy for retouching. 
At Leah Kirsch, comfort is queen. When you’re physically comfortable, you feel good. And when you feel good, you’re free to be yourself and focus on what’s important. When you’re feeling yourself completely, that’s when you’re going to make real moves — in your life and out in the world. Leah Kirsch clothing takes you from straight from lounging to late night without sacrificing style. 
Influenced by men’s streetwear and infused with an intuitive feminine touch, everything is designed with a duality in mind: sexy and strong, cool and capable, tender and tough. Previously reserved just for men’s fashion, Leah Kirsch is reclaiming the right to do it all through women’s apparel. With a mix of one-of-a-kind pieces, custom clothing, and original designs, Leah Kirsch is all things creative for the woman who is unapologetically herself.
“If you think it’s cool, and you wear it like it’s cool - it’s f*cking cool, sis.” - Leah Kirsch

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