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I realized I never told my story from my point of view.

I was born in Germany, moved all over but always knew I would end up in NYC. 

I don't necessarily call myself a designer, more like a serial entrepreneur who loves clothes and personal style. It's a way to express yourself without talking, and most importantly, it's one of the  ways (maybe the only one) where I can express the woman I am that day. Because every day I feel slightly different. 

More frequently than I'd like to admit, I stop and think about taking the easier/more simple route (for me): corporate job, listening to a boss, leaving work at 6pm (realistically, it would be different, but you get it). I tried this system a few times in college but it didn't click. 

After my college boyfriend (who I looooved) broke up with me, I decided to maximize my freedom and take my broken heart and turn it into art. I was in college and was expense/bill-free, which allowed me to use the money I had saved to start another business: Millioneiress.

With the help of my amazing friends, I learned and taught myself my own version of "Beginners Guide To Starting A T-Shirt Business." My best friend Jocelyn's ex half sister's boyfriend is a screen printer who helped me learn a lot about the industry, and from there It all fell into place.

I graduated from Fordham University (I studied finance and marketing) and decided to post-pone my non-existing interviews and go forward with Millioneiress. You probably didn't see it from my "highlight reel" but nothing went forward except my drinking habits and my ability to get into any NYC club - nothing I brought with me now.

A year later, my Central Park South lease ended and real life kicked in. My parents were no longer subsidizing my rent, and I went from a 3,000 sq. ft. apartment on CPS (an apartment with my own walk in closet and bathroom) to a 250 sq. ft. apartment in the East Village that didn't even have a living room...it barely had a fridge. 

Long story short, Jocelyn and I ended up getting out of our EV apt, moving into one in Alphabet City (which was just as horrendous - flies everywhere, no water, etc.), then finally moving to Brooklyn! Still then I was obsessively counting sales and calculating my exact net profit - never feeling like I reached my point of success.

Every day is a hustle. It's been almost 4 years now, and there are still days that I think about the luxuries of a corporate job...structure, schedules, healthcare, and corporate discounts. But that thought always seems to pass without trying and I get back in my lane. Plus, if I'm being honest, I live for the hustle and the unknown. I'm a problem solver.

Steve Jobs said, "One of the ways that I believe people express their appreciation to the rest of humanity is to make something and put it out there."

So here I am, expressing my appreciation to humanity by putting my art and craft out there so you can enjoy it, too.


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