Leah Kirsch



From a young age, I had a very entrepreneurial spirit and always knew what I wanted. I was born in Germany, moved to Singapore, but grew up in Michigan. I graduated high school early and moved straight to New York where I studied finance and marketing at Fordham University - and that's where my real story begins.

After interning every semester and summer at large corporate companies, I realized that was no longer my path. I launched my first official business, Millioneiress, in 2013 while I was still in college. I didn't know much about running a business or the streetwear industry, but I did know that I wanted to make clothes for women that made them feel something - to feel empowered and confident. 

Four years later, and here we are! I learned so much from Millioneiress; including who I am as a person and my identity, which is why I named the new brand, LEAH KIRSCH.

The new brand and upcoming collections are very close to my heart. I hope you love it just as much as I do.

Trust your process.